New Huawei Phone With Artificial Intelligence Revealed

The new Huawei Mate 9 phone was revealed today with a brand-new artificial intelligence feature that allows the device to learn about the habits of its user. Huawei hopes that the new technology will be one step to closing it’s gap between market leaders Apple and Samsung.

The Mate 9 is a 5.9-inch (15 cm) handset that has directional microphones with noise cancellation, cameras with autofocus, and an improved UI. It’s AI feature differentiates itself from, for example, Apple’s iOS App suggestion feature, by automatically putting the suggested apps in the main screen instead of off to the side. The phone is aimed at the top-end of the flagship smartphone market, which is expected to cross $400 billion globally by the end of the year.


“It learns how you use your phone,” said Arne Herkelmann, Huawei’s European head of handset portfolio and planning.

This launch comes a month after Google announced it’s in-house phone, the Pixel, which makes use of Google’s AI functionality with Google Assistant. Huawei also hopes to take advantage of the recent Samsung recall of the Galaxy Note 7, which was scrapped due to malfunctioning batteries that had a tendency to explode.


Samsung is also entering the AI race, saying last month they wanted to buy Viv, a platform run by the co-founder of Apple’s Siri. Samsung hopes to integrate the platform into Galaxy smartphones and expand the capabilities to wearable technology such as smart watches.

Device manufacturers are looking for new ways to stand out as smartphone growth is predicted to slow within the next few years.

“Just the device is no longer enough,” said market analyst Roberta Cozza. “AI and voice control will be main features on smartphones in the coming years.” His firm, Gartner, expects smartphone growth to be at 4.5 percent this year, with 1.5 billion devices sold.

Source : Reuters